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Monday, October 17, 2011

Full of BEANS!

This weekend my camera was FULL of BEANS!
That is to say - the Bean Family!
I was so HAPPY and EXCITED to be able to take pix for one of my
all time most favorite peeps in the WORLD - one of my BEST friends -
Her husband is SWEET and accommodating and her kids are
super cute and full of ENERGY and FUN!
I'm so glad I was able to spend a beautiful FALL
afternoon with The Beans.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome . . .

Look who I was LUCKY enough to shoot today for his
Just look at those curls and those big, dark eyes -
what girl wouldn't SWOON?
Happy to say that he was just as nice as he is
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Friday, September 2, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer . . .

As it turns out, the BEST, NICEST, WARMEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY of the SUMMER, was also one of the LAST. There were dirty dishes in the sink, laundry that needed washed and a floor that needed to be cleaned and vaccuumed, BUT - I didn't want to miss out on the GLORIOUS weather that this last Friday of the summer presented to us here on the Olympic Peninsula. We enjoyed John Wayne Marina by riding bikes, turning rocks and catching crabs as well as catching some rays and enjoying the warm water. I hope everyone was able to enjoy the summer with their families and enjoy the warm days - Fall is upon us, along with all that it brings: back to school, football, hayrides, pumpkins, apple cider with caramel ...mmmmm... I CAN"T WAIT!

We will miss you!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Favorite Fun Family!

This week I had the FUN, last minute opportunity to take
pix of one of my FAVORITE FAMILIES
on the Peninsula.
It was so great to see all of them together for a little while.
Until Christmas.

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This week's i heart faces challenge: Pets!
Of course I was so excited because I have taken tons of pix
of my daughter's new puppy, Vader.
Isn't he CUTE??!
I wanted to get this posted early so I wouldn't miss the deadline like I did last week.
I think I've got it down for this time around, so hopefully I won't run into any snags.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The EYES have it!

This week's I heart faces challenge: Eyes. I'm new to I heart faces and I just took this photo today. I remembered the challenge and thought I would enter my photo - although I think all of the tech stuff is more challenging to me that actually taking the picture...Enough said about that. If this works, I'll be a happy camper. These are two siblings from one of my most fave families EVER! They are all beautiful and generous and kind and fun to be around. I am lucky to be counted among their friends. (They have an awesome extended family, too.) You can see why I thought this would be a great picture to enter for the Eyes challenge - don't they both have gorgeous eyes?? (They got them from their equally gorgeous momma!)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

So much in LOVE . . .

I had so much fun shooting this wedding reception. First of all, Audra is one of my former Mia Maids from when I was in the YW Presidency. It brings me so much happiness to see her all grown up into the beautiful, righteous woman that she was once aspiring to be. Her new husband, Mike, is a great guy. I wish them all the best and happiness that this life has to offer. May today be the best day of your past, and the worst day of your future.
Second. YES! These two really are THAT adorable. They are oozing of love for one another. It was so easy to get great shots of them because they are radiating all of that love. I really enjoyed being able to capture them together at this moment in time. They were lots of fun to be around.
Thanks, guys.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Birthday Boy and Alien Cupcakes

My littlest guy turned 4 this month! He's getting SO BIG, TOO FAST!
We had a fun little party with friends and another one of my beautiful
and talented BFF's, ANGIE, made the darling Toy Story Alien cupcakes.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Flower Girls...

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Sherree's Got Talent!

I know I have introduced you to my sweet, beautiful friend, Sherree, before.
But did I mention how UBER TALENTED she is??
Check out her BLOG
She did an amazing job of making decorations, planning, baking, decorating -
you name it - she did it - for her daughter's wedding.
I know she had lots of friends and family who helped out,
but she was the mastermind and orchestrator of it all -
she really did an amazing job, and paid lots of attention to detail.
Whether it was making and sending out the invitations, making pinwheels,
making the cake, frosting the cupcakes, cutting out and baking hundreds of little
sugar cookies and icing them (SO CUTE), making the "just right" Lavender Lemonade,
or punching out hundreds of little butterflies for table top confetti.
Through it all, she remained the picture of grace and happiness -
I'm sure she must have been totally stressed on the inside, but I was near her for most
of the day, and whenever anyone asked, "where does this go?" or "how should I do this?"
She stayed calm and said happily, " whatever you decide is fine - I'm not worried about it..."
How easy going is that?? It was a great lesson for me and another one of the many examples that she sets for me as a friend. I am so lucky to have her in my life.
I loved sharing the day with her and her way cute family.
Here is just a sampling of some of the food and decorations from Jacque's wedding.
There was a Lemonade Bar with Lavender Lemonade, berries and berry juice for mixing it just the way you like. There was a Chocolate Fountain with endless yummies for dipping, and a Candy Bar full of  every treat imaginable - all in "lavender and lemon"
and we mustn't forget the Cupcake Table - YUM!

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