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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Favorite Fun Family!

This week I had the FUN, last minute opportunity to take
pix of one of my FAVORITE FAMILIES
on the Peninsula.
It was so great to see all of them together for a little while.
Until Christmas.

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This week's i heart faces challenge: Pets!
Of course I was so excited because I have taken tons of pix
of my daughter's new puppy, Vader.
Isn't he CUTE??!
I wanted to get this posted early so I wouldn't miss the deadline like I did last week.
I think I've got it down for this time around, so hopefully I won't run into any snags.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The EYES have it!

This week's I heart faces challenge: Eyes. I'm new to I heart faces and I just took this photo today. I remembered the challenge and thought I would enter my photo - although I think all of the tech stuff is more challenging to me that actually taking the picture...Enough said about that. If this works, I'll be a happy camper. These are two siblings from one of my most fave families EVER! They are all beautiful and generous and kind and fun to be around. I am lucky to be counted among their friends. (They have an awesome extended family, too.) You can see why I thought this would be a great picture to enter for the Eyes challenge - don't they both have gorgeous eyes?? (They got them from their equally gorgeous momma!)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

So much in LOVE . . .

I had so much fun shooting this wedding reception. First of all, Audra is one of my former Mia Maids from when I was in the YW Presidency. It brings me so much happiness to see her all grown up into the beautiful, righteous woman that she was once aspiring to be. Her new husband, Mike, is a great guy. I wish them all the best and happiness that this life has to offer. May today be the best day of your past, and the worst day of your future.
Second. YES! These two really are THAT adorable. They are oozing of love for one another. It was so easy to get great shots of them because they are radiating all of that love. I really enjoyed being able to capture them together at this moment in time. They were lots of fun to be around.
Thanks, guys.

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